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Moon and Venus in Occultation Hubble Space Telescope Apollo Astronauts on the Moon's Day The different Moon phases during eclipse The evidence of Dark Matter within the galaxy cluster Cl0024+17 Zoom in to see detailed features on this quarter Moon Artist's impression of the planetary system around the red dwarf Gliese 581 The kind of rift valley on Moon's surface. This is the unlikely indication of Moon's split. Please compare horizon's angle with the length of valley, indicating this feature to be extremely small for such an event Jodrell Bank Observatory, University of Manchester, England


Subspace Research is a mark of ‘one man show’ who is physicist, astronomer, graphic designer,  mystic, and a musician all in one. In the core, these areas of art and science stem from One parent omnipresent knowledgebase. Navigate through the pages for the articles.

Basically the term ‘Subpsace’ is a terminology of the boundary between what a mortal can imagine at maximum about the Immortal Lord of the Dominions. (In the context of Subspace Research, the word ‘Subspace’ has nothing to do with the science-fiction and must not be confused with any other definition other than the Immortal Lord of Dominions.) This Subspace is the only explanation which has the potential to solve the mysteries of the Universe, ie., what is the nature of the Vacuum before the Big Bang, where the Universe is expanding into and moreover faster than speed of light, and what is the origin of many other issues ‘inside’ and ‘about’ the Universe i.e., source of life (the auto-animation) and creation-out-of-nothing (nucleus of Big Bang; subatomic particles who pop up in the space seemingly out of nothing)? According to the ultimate quantum puzzle, obeserver makes what is being observed: Who is observing then, if there is no evidence of observer in us? For the Subspace to solve likewise issues, it has to be the super-dynamic in nature, possessing different time & spatial dimensions, residing as a background in our time & space therefore it cannot be a mere static Vacuum, and the Observer. The established current theories have the mathematical or systematic limitations therefore cannot define the mentioned phenomena, for instance, simulating any theory on the super-computer will never give rise to the phenomena of Life in the Universe, rather it will combine the elements of livings things which will not self-animate. As a consequence, the current established theories always predict the existence of Subspace dimension, no matter how much their researchers try to avoid it. The archives of Subspace Research try to explain the classical phenomena in the light of the Subspace to define those unexplained predictions. The explanations are supported by the observational as well as logical evidences. As a result one finds that famous phrase of ‘counter-intuitive phenomena’ is nothing more than the lack of knowledge, once a man uses his unexplored capabilities. The Subspace Research, though, transcends the religious, spiritual, political, and scientific organizations, it does not deny the established theories but unifies the many ‘truths’ into the underlying ‘One Truth’ by means of the realms of rational scientific, logical and observational approaches.

In the midst of the mist…
hear the rhythm of silence…
a man of intellect is standing…
the Soul of Wisdom is dancing…
– Axenus